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  • Gender: Female. Spayed.
  • Age: 1Y10M (as of MAR, 2023)
  • Weight: 32lb / 14.5kg
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Good with dog
  • Cats: Good with cat
  • Kids: Good with kid
  • Housebroken: She's potty trained and knows how to use pee pads indoor.  However, her preference is to do her business outside.
  • Crate: Ok in kennel
  • Leash: Good on leash

June 2021, one of rescuers found little Selina, only 1 month old, wandering by herself in a rural area.  Based on her age and where she was found, we guessed she was abandoned here by her owner (very common in Taiwan).  

Selina was adorable and quickly found an adopter in Taiwan.  Sadly, unbeknownst to us, Selina suffered almost daily in her new home being bitten and bullied by another dog in the family.  The owner thought that they could not change the dog’s (the owner has that dog first) behavior and decided to crate Selina all day long.  Until one day, her rescuer contacted the adopter to ask about Selina and discovered the situation.  She insisted on a home visit and saw poor little Selina in her crate and was very skinny.  The adopter explained why they put her in the crate all day long and worried that Selina would poop too much so they controlled it by not feeding her as much (so that they didn’t have to clean her crate often).  Upon hearing this, the rescuer decided to take Selina away from this terrible living arrangement and to find her a real loving family.  Despite being caged all the time, Selina was still warmed to people and very sweet.  

The rescuer immediately took Selina for a full check-up and was happy to find that Selina had no health issues.  

Here are Selina’s interactions with:

People – Selina is outgoing, confident and active. When she first meets new people, she likes to take a few minutes to observe them and then approaches.  She’s friendly with people and loves to be spoiled by her people.  

Dogs – Selina gets along with other dogs and enjoys hanging out with other dogs.  She shows her curiosity by meeting every day she meets.  She has no resource guarding or food guarding behaviors.  

Cats – Selina gets along with cats and likes them.

What to know about Selina’s behaviors:  

She is sensitive to noise and would bark and gets startled by sudden strange/unfamilar noises. She is not a barker, with this exception.  She is scared of the sound of fireworks (like many dogs) and sudden loud noise.  

Selina has no separation anxiety and can leave her home alone.  She loves food and is not a picky eater, with no known food allergy.  

Selina loves water and is good with baths.  She enjoys car rides with no trouble with car sickness.  

Selina spent her puppy days in a crate (for an entire year)!  Although she doesn’t have that puppy look anymore, she’s still an adorable, loving little girl.  She is full of life with an easy-going attitude.  She is waiting for her forever home, who truly cares for her, protect her, and give her the love that she deserves.  If you are interested in Selina, please connect with us!  We are more than happy to share more details about her with you.