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  • Gender: Female. Spayed.
  • Age: Born on June 13, 2012.
  • Weight: 8lb/4kg
  • Breed: Poodle
  • Dogs: Not interested in
  • Cats: Not interested in
  • Kids: Good with kid
  • Housebroken: Trained
  • Crate:
  • Leash: Good on leash

Noli, was born in June, 2012, and is 10 years old.  She has a very sad and heartbreaking story.  

She was born into a puppy mill and was forced to live in the vicious cycle of a breeding female.  She was merely a tool for the puppy mill operator.  She lived in a tiny and dirty cage for years, malnutritious and never been cleaned or groomed.  They even cut her vocal cord so she could not bark.  

In 2015, one of the friends of the puppy mill operator saw Noli and took her home.  Noli never got the love she should have living with her new family.  She went into a different kind of abusive environment.  This time, daily physical abuse suffered from a male member of the family. The family kept her in their shop, and this man would beat her and kick her any chance he got.  Therefore, Noli is terrified of men.  

In the summer of 2016, a customer came into the shop and Noli, who normally would not approach strangers, went and sought affection from this female customer. A few months later, this customer found out Noli’s family no longer wanted to keep her, and she decided that she would take Noli home.  This was when Noli’s life truly changed for the better.  

Because Noli was abused for a long time, she’s scared of men, and especially tall men.  She would hide and stay away.  Because she had never felt safe, she often would lick or bite her own toes.  A few times, she even caused injuries to her own toes.  Her new owner, took great care of Noli and Noli had gradually improved.  She was even feeling more brave to try new things, such as camping with her family.  Sadly, the owner has undergone drastic changes and Noli has to find a forever home again. The owner approached her good friend, who is one of the founders of Life of Hope.  We know how much the owner wanted to be with Noli, especially all the hard times they helped each other through.  She truly loved Noli! Sadly, she had to think about Noli’s future.

Now that Noli is 11 years old, she’s calm and has a pretty stable personality.  She likes to do her business outside but is house-trained with pee pads indoors.  Because of her experience, Noli loves women and feels tentative regarding men.  Please do understand what she had gone through in the hands of men.  She also could not express herself since her vocal cord was cut.  You need to be patient and observe her behaviors, and be understanding.  Noli does well and can be home by herself once she’s used to her environment.  However, if Noli is in a new place, she will need care and patience, otherwise she would exhibit anxiety.  She would worry that she’s being abandoned again.  If possible, she would be best with family that work from home or are home a lot.  

Noli is in pretty good health as a 11-year-old.  She has some issues that older dogs have, such as teeth issues.  She had 4 teeth removed but the rest of her teeth are in great shape now.  

When Noli gets excited, she would be panting a lot, but the veterinarian said it’s not a concern as many older dogs do that.  Taking her to her annual check-up is recommended.  

We know that she’s already 11 and dogs don’t live long.  However, we want to try our best to find Noli a family that would love her, spoil her, and give her the best last few years of her life.  If you are interested in Noli, please let us know.  We would be more than happy to give details about her.