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  • Gender: Male, Neutered
  • Age: 11 months (as of 05/20/2020)
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Maybe German Shepherd mix
  • Dogs: Good with dog
  • Cats: Good with cat
  • Kids: Good with kid
  • Housebroken: Pee pad training
  • Crate: Ok in kennel
  • Leash: Good on leash

Meet Nick because rescuer found their dog mom was injured and bleeding. Nick and his brother Noah are only two weeks old. We must take the dog mom to the vet. Nick and Noah also received vet examination, make sure they are healthy and rescuer bring them home to take care. During her injury, she still protects her children until she trusts our rescuer. Let rescuer get close to her and puppies. Unfortunately, dog mom did not survive.. We promise the dog mom. We will let her two puppies find the forever, loving home.

Nick’s personality is very good, he’s a very good hiker and always follow owner. Nick is a very sweet and love to petted.
About with other dogs: He loves play with dogs but if the dog is bigger than him. At first he will feel nervous (especially in the chase game, he will be afraid to hide beside the owner.) He will needs to observe. Sometimes he has no plans to play with them, but he will find other fun for himself.
About with cat: Nick is VERY FRIENDLY with cat. Nick’s foster home has a cat. They are absolutely good friends.
About with stranger/kid: Nick is friendly to children. But when the child suddenly screamed loudly, he will run away. Nick is a sweet boy. But he was to anyone who met for the first time. Be gentle with him too. He was warm up right away. By the way, he was SUPER LOVE FOOD. Anyone gives treats, he will never say no.
Nick is a very easy to understand puppy. He is not perfect, but he is definitely a great! He deserve to be loved and a forever loving home!

Dear friends, would you offer a forever home for baby Nick?
If you’re interested in Nick, please fill out an adoption application. Any questions, want to know more, feel free to contact us. Nick will patiently waiting for her forever, loving home. 
Please fill in your email correctly. We will through the adoption process by mail and not by phone. 
When you successfully complete the application form. We reply in about 1-3 days, Thank you for your interest