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  • Gender: Female. Spayed.
  • Age: 5 months (as of Feb, 2022)
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Friendly!
  • Cats: Friendly!
  • Kids: Friendly!
  • Housebroken: training
  • Crate: Ok in kennel
  • Leash: Good

Kelly was found when she was about 3 months old.  She was found without her mother in a remote mountain area, and had no luck finding food.  She was traumatized during her time alone as a little puppy, and she was a bit scared to be near new people.  However, once the person gained her trust, Kelly became extremely loyal to those that cared for her!  She would be stuck by her foster family’s side even with other people she’s comfortable with.  She loves attention and pets from her foster family.  Despite the initial shyness around strangers, she is a very balanced dog.  She would sit quietly around people she’s familiar with, unlike other rambunctious puppies!  She will sit patiently next to people when they eat, and does not bag for food.  She’s trained on the “Sit” command and waits for her meals.  When her foster family would take her out for shopping, she waits quietly outside for their return.  Kelly loves nature – she loves to sniff bushes and enjoy bird watching.  She’s a girl who knows when and where to be active and quiet.  What a gem!  
One thing to note, we suspect might be due to her earlier trauma, that she is easily frightened by sudden loud noise.  However, the daily sound of cars and people talking during her walks, she’s quite at ease dealing with those and likes to stop to sniff at new things.  We just want to remind you that, if you are interested in adopting her, you have to have a secure leash/collar in case of sudden loud noise that might get Kelly to take off because of the fear.  
As mentioned earlier, Kelly is afraid of strangers and the same goes with children. She tolerates children petting her and will not react negatively (but certainly is not a fan).  She will need a patient and understanding family to teach her that no one is going to hurt her.  
Kelly will approach other dogs at the park.  She doesn’t bark or growl.  If she doesn’t like that dog(s), she moves away from them.  
Kelly’s current foster family resides in an apartment.  905 of the time, she does her business on the lawn in the apartment’s common area.  Sometimes she gets nervous being outside and might take a while to go pee-pee.  We think it might be easier for her if there’s a fenced-in area and allows her to get used to her environment faster.  
As with all rescue dogs, every dog is different!  However, understanding and  patience are the most important elements to help your new family member adapt and succeed in their new environment.  We don’t know for sure what happened to Kelly when she was a puppy that caused her to be sensitive to sudden loud noises and a bit nervous when facing new people/places. We do know, as long as you are willing to take some time to meet her where she’s at, Kelly will open up to you and become your most trusted companion.  This adorable girl deserves to be loved!  If you are interested in Kelly, please contact us and we will gladly share more details with you.