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  • Gender: Female. Spayed.
  • Age: 10 months (as of OCT, 2022)
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Good with dog
  • Cats: Good with cat
  • Kids: Good with kid
  • Housebroken: Trained
  • Crate: Ok in kennel
  • Leash: Good on leash

In Taiwan, we see countless dogs and cats suffer due to abandonment, neglect, and abuse on a daily basis.  We often feel hopeless because it just never ends with rescuing these poor souls.  With limited resources (we are a volunteer based organization like many private rescue orgs in Taiwan, rely solely on our own personal funds/resources or private donations), lack of government support, and lack of education regarding caring for pets, many orgs have constant pressure to raise funds or find resources to keep their operations afloat or just simply the ability to feed their rescue animals.  Lately, there is a very heartbreaking case of a local rescue organization that took in too many dogs but lacked the necessary people power and financial resources to keep their dogs in a safe and secured situation.  They had over 100 dogs that were sick, starved and some even passed in squalid condition.  Due to current investigation and other potential legal actions, we are not able to dive into too much detail.  However, the animal protection agency in the city where the rescue org located stepped in and took all the dogs.  However, all the public shelters in Taiwan are already overcrowded ( Taiwan abolished euthanasia a few years ago.  As mentioned earlier, lack of support from government and lack of education, amongst other factors, resulted in overcrowding).  Thus, the agency appealed to the public to help take in these dogs.  FMD mixes are the hardest dogs in Taiwan to be adopted because they are considered by many as street dogs, and as attracted as purebred dogs such as corgis or poodles.  Although people are trying to help, they also are limited in their own resources and space.  Currently, there are many dogs needing to find foster families or forever homes.  

After discussing amongst all the volunteer staff members in our Life of Hope Foundation, we decided to step in and took in 4 dogs – Mango, Pear, Cherry, and Berry.  Mango is ready for her new forever home. She grew from an emaciated pup (when she was rescued) to a healthy and active girl.  

Cherry is an adorable, slightly shy and cuddly girl.  She gets a bit alarmed and would dodge people when a stranger approaches her or tries to pet her.  If you let her come to you, and let her sniff your hand (reaching your hands out to her), she will be much more at ease.  

When Cherry was first rescued along with Pear, Mango & Berry, she appeared to be outgoing because of these companions.  However, when she went to stay with her foster family by herself, she became a little more reserved.  She also became more sensitive to road noise or car noise when she went for walks with her family (as the only dog).  She would stop and wait until the car passed before she would be willing to move on.  

Cherry likes to play with dogs that are more calm and balanced.  She would observe larger dogs or dogs who don’t respect personal space before approaching them.  

Cherry knows how to use pee pads (house trained) and also knows how to do her business outside.  

She had a few very tough months when she was stuck in a crate with little food.  However, she is such a resilient and brave pup.  She never gives up and continues to improve.  She is getting more confident by the day.  We hope that she will soon find her forever home, who will be patient with her and give her the love that she deserves.