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  • Gender: Male, Neutered
  • Age: 5 months (as of 6/6/2020)
  • Weight: 22lb
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Good with dog
  • Cats: Good with cat
  • Kids: Good with kid
  • Housebroken: trained
  • Crate: Ok in kennel
  • Leash: Good on leash

Bode and Bomi are brothers and sisters.  They wandered in the remote mountain areas.  There are a lot of people racing heavy motorcycles in these remote mountain areas.  Their high speed would often run over small animals, hurting and killing them.  Bode and Bomi were once victims of these accidents.  We don’t know whether they were born in the mountains or abandoned there.

Bode caught the rescuers attention because he was barking non-stop at all the cars and people passing by.  The rescuers stopped their car, Bode barked and led them to a horrified bush where Bomi lied, all wet and seriously injured.  Apparently Bomi had been hit by a car, vomited a lot blood and was lying in a pool of water.

Rescuers immediately took Bomi and Bode to the emergency unit.  After careful examination,  Bomi was found with back feet fracture and traumatic haemothorax.  Although she had been injured by selfish humans, she still had trust in people.  While in the hospital, she didn’t howl or resist.  When the doctor was treating her and giving her injection she was wagging her tails at everyone.  Seeing her like this really broke everyone’s heart.  As for Bode, he just sat quietly next to Bomi.  When it was his turn to be examined, he was very calm during the whole process.  

If it wasn’t for Bode’s persistent barking, we would never have found Bomi and Bomi would probably have left this world in so much pain.

Bode and Bomi still have great trust in people. They are very friendly, loves taking walks and playing with other dogs. There are five cats in their foster family, they also get along very well with cats. They are loyal, smart and learns very fast. They are still waiting for their forever home.

(Bode was born with what we called a “sickle tail”, it’s short tail but has no effect on his health issues.)

Dear friends, would you offer a forever home for baby Bode?
If you’re interested in Bode, please fill out an adoption application. Bode will patiently waiting for his forever, loving home.