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  • Gender: Male, Neutered
  • Age: 7 months (as of 11/23/2020)
  • Weight: 33 lbs
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Vito like dogs his size or smaller than him. He is a bit afraid of larger dogs.
  • Cats: Good with cat
  • Kids: Can get along with children over 6 years old
  • Housebroken: trained
  • Crate: Ok in kennel
  • Leash: Good on leash

A week after birth, his eyes were not even opened, Vito was abandoned in the mountains. Without his mother’s protection and nutrition from milk, when Vito was first found, he was very weak and allergic to grains ( he must eat non-grain food). After a few months of special caring, Vito became healthy and his blood test results were all normal.

Unfortunately, one day, Vito was hurt by a strange man in the park. Up until today, we still cannot get over this. A man with bipolar disorder was going around the park, trying to hurt people with a utility knife. At that time, Vito was happily running around the park when he sensed this man was dangerous and started barking at him. The man fell down and cut Vito’s right front leg with the knife in his hand. Vito ran back to the rescuer in pain. Everything happened so fast, the rescuer rushed Vito to the hospital. It took more than 10 stitches to close up Vito’s wound. This incident had a great impact on Vito; he started been frightened by strangers, (especially strange men). His usual confidence and happiness also vanished in the air…

The rescuer would not give up. Every day, she took Vito outdoor. Whenever there was a stranger, Vito would be so scared that he would hide next to the rescuer. Sometimes, he would even bark due to his fear, but he is not offensive at all, he is just too scared.

Days go by, Vito’s fear for strangers has lessened. After the rescuer’s clicker training, Vito has improved a lot. He is able to be the super sweet and cuddly little boy he really is when he is around the rescuer’s friends and family. However, it would take some time to gain Vito’s trust and become close with him. His family must understand what he has gone through and must be very patient, loving and accepting.

Vito like dogs his size or smaller than him. He is a bit afraid of larger dogs. His foster home has a cat and Vito gets along fine with the cat. Of course, sometimes, Vito would chase the cat around, but he is never aggressive nor offensive towards the cat.

Vito is a very energetic puppy. He enjoys activities, such as hiking, in the suburbs. Maybe it’s because, places with a lot of people stresses him out, but hiking relaxes him. Vito is used to going to the bathroom outside, therefore, we believe that suitable family for Vito would have : (1) a majority of female members (2) a yard with safety fences (3) members who enjoy outdoor activities and understand Vito’s situations by avoiding places with a lot people and noises. If you enjoy having a lot of people over at your house, then, Vito would not be a suitable choice.

We appreciate the time you took to read the above about Vito. If you are interested in him, please feel free to send us a message at any time. We can also let you know more about the clicker training Vito has been taking and give you recent updates on Vito. It is not difficult to take care of Vito, it is just very important to get to know him. Vito will wait patiently for an understanding and responsible family.