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  • Gender: Female. Spayed.
  • Age: 3Y (as of Sep, 2023)
  • Weight: 7kg / 16lb
  • Breed: Corgi mix.
  • Dogs:
  • Cats:
  • Kids:
  • Housebroken:
  • Crate:
  • Leash:

+Personality: She is a bit shy and needs some time until she opens her mind. She needs some time to adjust with the a new surrounding with new people.
+Dog: She is good with other dogs but gets overexcited and may charge at a new dog she meets during walks.
+Children: No experience with meeting children.
+Cat: She’s not reactive to cats. She is indifferent even when the cat is next to her.
+Car: She is good in car. She doesn’t get carsick and behaves well.
+Potty: She is both outdoor and indoor potty trained. She prefers to go outside for potty but is also very successful for using indoor training pads.
+Home alone: She briefly whines but soon gets used to being alone and stops.
+Guarding: She has no guarding behavior even with her dog food.
+Leash: She pulls her leash during walks. The foster calls her name and stops walking which makes Taco to stop as well.
+Commends: Sit.