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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 months (as of 07/01/2021)
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Terrier mix
  • Dogs: GOOD!
  • Cats: GOOD!
  • Kids: GOOD!
  • Housebroken: Training
  • Crate: Training
  • Leash: GOOD!

When the rescuer went hiking with her dog, her dog ran off into the woods because the dog sensed something was wrong.  The rescuer went looking for her dog and realized that the dog found an abandoned puppy.  We named him Peace.  
When Peace was discovered in the woods, he weighed only 6 pounds and was very weak.  He had a large wound on his back.  We thought he was a very young puppy.  When the rescuer held him up, she realized Peace might have been mixed with a smaller breed dog, possibly a terrier breed.  They estimated Peace to be about 2-3 months old and was extremely malnourished.  Peace did not move at all in the rescuer’s arm, and looked like he might have passed.  Miraculously, he was taken to the hospital in time, and stayed for 5 days to recover.  After he was allowed to be discharged, he went to live with the rescuer and his wound healed very nicely with fur growing back.  His health returned, weight increased and energy level also is back to where he should be.  He enjoys chasing other dogs and playing with them.  
We are very grateful that after his recovery, his blood work came back clean!  Nothing from his previous ordeal had impacted his health. 
Peace is super sweet and loves to be cuddled.  He gets along with people, dogs and cats.  He does not have any food guarding behavior and does very well on leash.  He always has a big smell when looking at his rescuer.  We hope to find him a loving, caring forever home, so that he will never endure such harm like the ones during his early life.  
If you are interested in adopting Peace, please fill out our online application.