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  • Gender: Female. Spayed.
  • Age: 3Y (as of Mar, 2024)
  • Weight: 48lbs/22kg
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Omi likes all dogs but is more cautious when first meeting new dog friends. She tends to observe them before joining in to play and doesn't play rough.
  • Cats: Omi is curious about cats and wants to get close to them. She likes to approach cats from behind and wags her tail to show her excitement when doing so.
  • Kids: Omi's original family had children between the ages of 3 and 5. She likes children and got along with them well. However, like most dogs, she is not a fan of forced interactions or rough play from children, and she would likely avoid contact in such situations.
  • Housebroken: Omi is house trained and prefers to do her business outside. She goes 3 times a day (minimum) - morning, afternoon, and at night. She knows how to use her pee pads indoors if needed.
  • Crate: Yes.
  • Leash: Omi is good on a leash and is pretty calm. Because of her previous family, she's not used to walking on a leash with people. You will need to guide her by calling her name, and she will then stay beside you throughout the walk.

Omi’s story:

Omi was adopted as a 3-month-old puppy. When she was 3 years old, her family decided to give her up because they had another baby. Instead of returning her to the original rescuer as agreed upon when Omi was first adopted, the family left Omi at an overcrowded public shelter. She was identified by a friend of the rescuer online through her shelter photo. That was when the rescuer realized that the family had lied to them about Omi still being with them.

Despite being neglected and eventually left at the shelter by her first family, Omi showed no signs of trauma and still loves people. She is well-behaved and knows her boundaries. Omi is fine being left at home alone and would play with her toys to pass the time. She doesn’t exhibit any destructive behaviors when left alone, nor does she bark excessively. Omi loves people and may even show you her belly when meeting you for the first time. We hope that this sweet girl finds a home that truly deserves her and can provide her with the love and care she needs.

Omi is initially shy but warms up to people easily. She really enjoys being around people, and if you approach her gently or with food, she will come to you for pets. She might even show you her belly for a good belly rub.

Omi tends to observe strangers before approaching them. She is slightly more tentative when meeting men, but she doesn’t hide from people and generally allows them to pet her. There have been a couple of occasions where she barked at tall men, but this happens rarely and randomly.

Omi is very food motivated and pays extra attention to you if you have food or treats for her. We have not observed any behaviors that she does not like. She enjoys being petted, and like most healthy dogs, she starts to look for things to entertain herself if she’s bored or not getting enough exercise. Omi will seek out things to chew, like her own toys, when she’s bored. She had a few incidents where she accidentally ate things that she was chewing (not food). We recommend giving her daily walks and establishing routines to prevent chewing from boredom or lack of exercise.

Omi eats 2-3 meals a day and is not a picky eater. She seems to be allergic to food that has lamb as an ingredient. She likes to eat treats such as dental chews.

Omi doesn’t like other dogs coming to get her food from her bowl (which is normal), and we recommend that if you have another dog in the house that might do this, you feed them separately. She’s fine taking treats from you with other dogs around. However, she shows no signs of food guarding with people, and we have yet to observe how she is with children.

Omi is not a barker. She only barks at things or people she doesn’t like. Once the object or item is out of sight, she stops immediately. She shows no signs of separation anxiety.

Omi tolerates being bathed and dried. She’s not a fan of having her nails clipped, like most dogs. She doesn’t bite but might try to kick your hands away.