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  • Gender: Female. Spayed.
  • Age: Born on Jun 18, 2023.
  • Weight: 34lbs
  • Breed: Jindo mixed
  • Dogs: Good with dog
  • Cats: She has met stray cats outside and did not react to them.
  • Kids: She has not experienced with children, but she was not interested in the children she meets during walks.
  • Housebroken: Pee pad trained
  • Crate:
  • Leash: Good on leash

#Rescue story:
The rescuer feeds some stray dogs far away from her home and she found a mama dog with 4 puppies. She was not able to help them but only could give them enough food to survive. One day, one of the puppies voluntarily came close to the rescuer and when she held the puppy, she found the puppy was covered by ticks and fleas and was in a very bad condition. The rescuer decided to find all of the dogs and was able to capture the mama dog and the rest 3 puppies.

Jelly is lively and friendly with people. She likes to meet other dogs on walks and gets along with them quickly. She is completely outdoor potty trained. Jelly rides well, she just sits quietly and watches outside the window. She doesn’t get carsick. She behaves well when she is left alone. The foster has not found her barking or whining when she was alone. Jelly just falls asleep. She doesn’t protect anything and during treat time, she gently waits for her turn.

Jelly is still in South Korea. If you are interested in adopting Jelly, please go through our international adoption process. Jelly is ready for her forever sweet home.
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