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  • Gender: Male. Neutered
  • Age: 4Y (as of Apr, 2023)
  • Weight: 40lb
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Good with dog
  • Cats: Good with cat
  • Kids: Good with kid
  • Housebroken: Trained
  • Crate:
  • Leash:

Didi was found wandering a tea farm in the mountain region of the famed Sun Moon Lake.  He was about 1 year old then.  He followed the strays that lived around a tea factory and tried to survive an unfamiliar surrounding (He was most likely brought there from another area to be dumped).  The tea factory workers have been feeding these stray dogs.  However, there were many illegal traps set up by local farmers and hunters.  In 2020, Didi unfortunately fell victim to one of these traps.  When he was found, his front left leg had already been badly infected.  One of the people that had been feeding these dogs took Didi for treatment and the vet amputated his left front leg.  After he recovered, he was brought back to the tea factory area.  Sadly, Didi disappeared for over 1 week in late 2022.  He was found to have his right front paw caught in a tray.  Again the wound was so badly infected, the vet had no choice but to amputate Didi’s right front leg.  The rescuer, who had been one of the kind people that fed Didi and the group of strays, was very worried when she learned about poor Didi’s second injury, and decided to take Didi with her.  She has 2 other dogs at home and he got along really well with them.  Because Didi is such a friendly and gentle soul, the rescuer wanted to help find Didi a forever home.  Didi loves to jump into the push cart, and to be out and about. He loves sunbathing and be with nature.  

Didi loves people and is very gentle.  He would not get mad or frustrated when encountered things he did not feel comfortable or likes.  Sometimes he would avoid strangers (but not all strangers).  If strangers who like dogs, he would allow them to pet him or approach him most of the time.  He is very submissive.  He is very friendly with children, and would sniff infants but would not do more than that.  He gets along with children in his foster home.

Didi likes to hangout with dogs his size. He would avoid dogs who are too dominant or too excitable.  He tends to wag his tail when he meets a friendly dog after sniffing each other.  He has yet to have an opportunity to interact with smaller size dogs.  

When Didi was homeless, he was attacked by cats multiple times and tends to be afraid of cats.  He would observe from afar and not approach when meeting cats.

Because he never really had a full belly being homeless, he always seems to be hungry.  He eats super fast during meal time.  However, since he is very submissive, he does not show food or resource guarding behaviors.  If his food was taken by other dogs, he would go look for another bowl of food.  Of course, we don’t let these things happen and would help them respect each other’s space, especially during feeding time.  We made sure all dogs have their own food. 

Didi lost his two front legs but still enjoys his life.  He never acted like the lost of limbs affected him or his enthusiasm for life.  He has prosthetics to help him walk (the rescuer made those for him), however, he cannot wear them for too long as he would get uncomfortable or hurt his body.  Without the walking aid, he adapted to walk with his two back legs.  It is not a difficult thing to care for him, especially he is easy-going, friendly, and submissive.  If you are interested in Didi, please do connect with us.  We will be more than happy to share any details.  Didi deserves a second chance in life!  Would you be his forever family?