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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2Y (as of Apr, 2021)
  • Weight: 37lbs
  • Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog / Mix
  • Dogs: Good with dog
  • Cats: Good with cat
  • Kids: Good with kid
  • Housebroken: trained
  • Crate: Ok in kennel
  • Leash: Good on leash

Cleo was found in a remote mountainous region.  She was exhausted and skinny, but she tried her best to find any scrap of food or things to fill her stomach.  She was a bit nervous when her rescuer approached her, but Cleo did not hesitate much, and very soon, she let her rescuer massage her belly.  
In that area where she was found, few people lived there and no tourists would visit, thus it meant Cleo would likely not survive if she stayed.  The rescuer made the decision to take Cleo home.  Next day, her rescuer took Cleo for a check-up at the vet’s office.  The vet was very surprised that Cleo could be part “Bluetick Coonhound.”  We are not familiar with the “Bluetick Coonhound” breed as it is quite rare in Taiwan.  We looked online and found that Cleo indeed resembled this breed but we can’t say for sure without any DNA testing.  The vet was quite certain that Cleo is mixed with a hound-type breed.  
Cleo is very friendly, gentle, and sweet.  She is a bit nervous in a new environment, but would warm up in a short time.  She gets along with other dogs too.  Because we are a rescue organization in Taiwan, the dogs are likely still in Taiwan and you will have to meet your dog(s) and pick your dog(s) up from the airport.  If you are interested in her, feel free to contact us and fill out the adoption form on our website.  We will be more than happy to answer any questions.