The first step to adopting a pet from LHF’s Pet Rescue is completing our Adoption Application.Email to or submit via our Contact Form by uploading the completed adoption application as an attachment.

This application will allow us to know more about your family, what kind of pet will fit best and your home, and whether you will be a good match for one of our dogs. Please include the dog(s) you are interested in on the application. We review applications upon receipt and will reply as soon as possible, usually within 2-3 days.


  • Must be 23 years or older. If not, parent or guardian must provide approval to adoption or foster interest.

  • If you are renting, your landlord must give the approval to fostering or adopting.


Why Adopt? +

In Taiwan. There are so many dogs – abandoned, homeless, given up by their owners or family members of their former guardians. Even being bullied by humans– that need, and deserve, our help. Before you want to adopt those abused, hopeless, emaciated and no confidence stray dogs, will needs a lot of work, Patient and times until they open themselves up.
Adopt a stray dog is never an easy way to find a furry friend, but even it’s a very challenging the spiritual wealth and results is priceless. They’re smart, fast learner and royal, they all deserve a second chance and a happy forever home.
If you have another question, feel free to contact us here

Are there any adoption requirements? +

We look for families that are looking at a pet as a commitment and a FAMILY MEMBER, understand the costs associated with owning a pet, and accept responsibility for the care of your pet FOREVER.
Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Reflection prior to adoption to know what kind of pet will be well-suited for your home. How much time will you be willing to allocate to exercise, training, and so on? Rescue dogs need patience, love and be respected any space they need. They’re wonderful and just need the right family.

Are dogs for adoption healthy? +

Every rescued dog needs to undergo a thorough medical checkup, treatments, and a sterilization operation. We insist on taking care of them ourselves, so that we can closely observe their personality and behavior, as well as health issues allowing us to select the most suitable home for adoption. Before adopting, (including special needs dogs) we will definitely be honest about the condition of all dogs.

What is LHF's adopt fees? +

  • LHF’S ADOPTION FEE (Adoption fees fund our rescued dogs.)
    Formosan Mountain Dog (from Taiwan) & Jindo (from South Korea)
    – Puppy to Adult (~5 years): $500.
    Purebred / Specific Breed
    – Puppy to Adult (~5 years): $600 – $900.
    – Seniors (6 years and up): $350 – $500 (No discriminate by breeds.)
    1. Rabies vaccine.
    2. Microchipping.
    3. Hip X-ray.
    4. Spayed/Neutered
    5. Vanguard crLyme.
    6. Vanguard ® Plus 5 L4 CV and Vanguard ® CV (Canine Distemper / Canine Adenovirus Type 1 / Canine Adenovirus Type 2 / Canine Parainfluenza / Canine Coronavirus / Canine Parvovirus / Leptospira Canicola / L. icterohaemorrhagiaeiae / L. grippotyphosa / L. pomona.)
  • Blood exam:
    1. SNAP 4Dx Plus (Heartworm testing, Ehrlichia Canis, Lyme disease, Anaplasma Platys.)
    2. Polymerase Chain Reaction (Babesia gibsoni / Babesia canis / Anaplasma platys / Ehrlichia canis / Haemobartonella canis / Lyme disease.)
    3. Complete Blood Count.
  • Preventive Medication:
    1. Deworming.
    2. Heartworm/Flea/Tick Prevention (NexGard Spectra) or Flea/Tick Prevention: Bravecto & Heartworm preventive: Heartgard.
  • For every adopted dog from Life of Hope Foundation, we will prepare and give you their vet records. Adoption fees will never come close to covering their costs. But it does have a lot of helped for the rescued dogs. If you have questions or concerns about adoption fees, please contact us.

Adoption Process

1. Picking Your Dog and Adoption Applicationsdf

2. Online Interview

*When we receive your adoption application, we will send more info and updates of your doggie. After reviewing if you would like to move forward please send us email confirmation. 【In this mail, you need to be attached home's video to assess the home environment. 】

3. Approval

**Once your application is approved, we will still follow up with a email call to tell you more about him or her. Ensure your home is ready for your new family member.

4. Agreement

*We will send you an adoption contract to sign. Adoption donations via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please let us know.

5. Meetup with Dog

*We will confirm by email the date your dog will be ready for pickup on airport. **First of all, we are very grateful to you for adopting our international rescue pups. Please remember this is an international rescue and adoption. They are trekked overseas from Taiwan, braving the over 10hr flight in cargo. When you decided to adopt him/her. Please don't give up easily. Have any questions after adoption, feel free to contact us.

form interview checked walking agreement